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Some suggestions on how to make your Facebook account more secure.

white f on blue square with padlockOnce again Facebook have added new features under the radar, enabled  by default and unannounced.  Not everybody necessarily wants everything shared with everyone so it would be nice if Facebook would either disable features by default and allow people to opt-in, or in the very least let people know that there are new features coming up.

Here is a quick review of the latest feature and a how-to for disabling it…

The latest addition is facial recognition and suggested names for tagging when anyone uploads photographs.  Now some of you like to chase the lime light and will welcome this new feature because it means that you’re likely to see yourself tagged in more photographs.

However not everybody wants it to be so easy to find themselves tagged in a compromising position from the night before.  You can disable this automated feature and still allow your friends to manually tag you in photographs (you can also prevent tagging all together if you so choose).

Facebook Privacy Settings, menuTo do this, go the the “Privacy Settings” from the “Account” menu at the top right corner of Facebook…
Facebook Privacy Settings, customiseThen select “Customize Settings” (ignoring the americanised abuse of the English language)…
Facebook Privacy Settings, things others shareThen in the section labelled “Things others share”,select “Edit Settings” for “Suggest photos of me to my friends”
Facebook Privacy Settings, photo tagsThen change the drop-down menu to “Disabled” and hit “Okay”
Job done!

While you’re here I’d strongly recommend taking a quick look over the other permissions and privacy settings that Facebook have not told you about.  In particular is the option for others to check you into venues on your behalf.  You may not necessarily want everyone to know that you’re at the casino at three in the morning on a school night!

Hope this helps 🙂

Image Attribution: Thanks to jscreationzs @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net for both images

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  1. Claire

    Facebook are driving me nuts with this, I’m forever having to reset my privacy settings. Glad you pointed this one out as I probably wouldn’t have noticed for a few weeks 🙂

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