Tighten up your Twitter

Some quick pointers on making your Twitter account more secure.

Decorative Image, Twitter logo and padlockIt only takes a few minutes and a few mouse clicks to clear out some rubbish that might have accumulated around your Twitter account and tweak a few options to make it a little more secure.

Here I’ll briefly show you how…

Twitter Settings MenuFirst of all you need to go to the Settings pages from the drop-down menu in the top right corner…

Twitter settings, HTTPS OnlyTurn on HTTPS

You can read more here in a previous post about HTTPS if you’re not sure what this means but to summarise, it’s a good thing.

To turn this on, scroll down to the bottom of the Accounts page, tick the box that says “HTTPS Only – Always use HTTPS” and then click the Save button.

Twitter Settings, Change PasswordChange your Password

You can read more here in a previous post about password security. but to summarise you should change your password regularly, mix up letters and numbers, and use a password longer than ten character.

To do this, click over to the Password page, enter your current password, then your new password, twice and click the Change button.

Remove Unnecessary Applications

Twitter Settings, Revoke ApplicationsOver time you’ll probably accumulate applications that use or share your Twitter account.  Sometimes you may not be aware of them or you may simply no longer be using them.  If an application is compromised and it has access to your account then your account may be compromised so the few permitted applications you have the better.

To do this, click over to the Applications page and click the Revoke Access button for any applications that you no longer use or don’t recognise.  Don’t worry, if you later realise that you needed one of them you can always permit it again.

Other Settings

Back on the Account page there are two more tick boxes that you may or may not want to use depending on personal preference.  Remember to click the Save button if you make any changes.

Twitter Settings, Tweet LocationsTweet Location

This adds a GPS or check-in location to your tweets if it is available (typically when tweeting from a smart phone).  This information might be abused and encourage unwanted attention and whereas Google Places, Latitude and Foursquare are only available to your selected friends, Tweets are (normally) open to the public.

Twitter Settings, Protect Your TweetsProtect Your Tweets

By default your Tweets are open to the public.  There’s any number of reasons why you might want to keep your thoughts, opinions and statements within a confined group in much the same way as you would on Facebook or in real life.

Hope this helps 🙂

Image Attribution: Thanks to FreeDigitalPhotos.net for the padlock image