Monthly Archives: July 2011

Pii and Tmi, Giving the game away

Why you should be cautious about giving away too much personal information.

Decorative Image - Info iFollowing an earlier post about giving away privileged access to your informationI’d like to outline how you can unwittingly give away bundles of seemingly innocent information that could be used against you.

(For those of you wondering, Pii stands for Personally Identifiable Information and Tmi stands for Too Much Information)

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Hacking in the News

Clearing up some common misunderstandings and inaccurate reports in the news.

Decorative Image - NewspaperIn recent months there has been a lot of coverage on web and IT security breaches but unfortunately the news outlets don’t always get it right.  Sometimes this is because of a lack of understanding from the ‘journalist’ which might be understandable in the more complex cases, if it weren’t their job to research and report on facts.  Sometimes it’s outright sensationalism and scaremongering when ratings and sales take priority over reporting the news.

In this post I hope to clear up some of the common mis-informations that crop up in the news…

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Giving permission and sharing too much

Why you should be cautious about giving web and mobile applications too many permissions.

Decorative Image - permissionsConsider you pay by credit card at a restaurant; you’re sharing your credit card information with them and you’re probably happy to do so. If the restaurant then asks for your date of birth, home address, and permission to use your card whenever they like, you’d probably hesitate. Yet people do this all the time on the web without thinking twice.

Here I’ll try to show how we can unwittingly give away too much, why this might be bad, and how to spot when things aren’t quite right.

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Safer web browsing

A quick look at the setup I use to browse the web more safely than the average Joe.

Decorative Image, PC Firewall WebI don’t often make recommendations because such things have a way of back firing. Instead I’d like to outline a few bits of my setup that helps me to browse the web with a little extra piece of mind. If you feel like trying any part of this then please acknowledge my usual software disclaimer.

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