WhatApp Mobile Messenger

Details of another mobile app that demands too many privileges.

WhatApp Messenger PermissionsI came across this application a few months back; I wasn’t impressed with it then and nothing has changed.  A friend sent me a text message this morning singing its praises and suggesting I install it.  Unfortunately that friend is not very tech savvy and was all too quickly impressed by the shiny shiny marketing to bother looking at the details.

Firstly, this is not an SMS text messenger replacement service.  You can send an SMS to anyone with a mobile phone but this service only lets you send messages to other people using the same application.

Effectively it’s just another IM service like those from Google, MSN, Skype, Facebook, BBchat and a plethora of others that already have a much bigger userbase.  Without a critical mass majority this application will be fairly useless.

Secondly, and more importantly to me, the permissions that this application requests asks for are staggering.  This relates to a previous post on mobile apps asking for too many privileges and a recent news article on mobile malware.  The screen shot above was taken on an Android so I can only assume that the same permissions are requested on iPhone and BB (if anyone can confirm/deny this please leave a comment below).

As I’ve mentioned before, I can see absolutely no reason why any application should be able to change settings on my phone, change my personal information or access any and all other accounts that I have registered.  I accept that some of these permissions might be needed in order to provide the service the app is designed for but in my opinion this is another app that asks for way more than it should need for its purpose.

Hope this helps 🙂