Monthly Archives: March 2012

Android Advertising Networks

An eye opener on advertising networks and what they can do with your Android mobile phone

Google Android LogoCoinciding with some recent news articles on Android, privacy, applications and advertising networks, I’ve come across an app that I’ve found very insightful. The app is Ad Network Detector from Lookout who also provide the Security and Antivirus protection that I use for my Android handset.  I thought I’d share my findings so you can decide whether it’s useful to you or not…
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Google and Privacy

A review of recent changes to Google’s privacy policy

Google LogoOn Thursday 1st March Google made some changes to their privacy policy and although they’ve done a lot to forewarn the public, the changes are so controversial that they are being legally challenged in some countries. This post takes a look at what the changes mean to you and what to do about them…

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