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When Bugs Strike

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A blunt look at the damage that can be caused when a computer infection takes hold with examples from recent news.

Computer bugs can take many forms, some are harmless while others are devastating, some need coaxing and provocation while others can crop up during business as usual.  In last week’s post I described how bugs occur as a reason to patch your computer.  Here I highlight the damage that bugs can cause as a persuader to patch your computer in case you’re not convinced.
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Back Catalogue of Hacks, Leaks and Compromises

A brief list of some of the most notable IT and web security events in recent news.

Please Note: Reading this article may leave you with feelings of paranoia and scepticism; this is a perfectly healthy approach to staying safe on-line 😉

Decorative Image, binary passwordThis is a brief summary of recent and notable websites and services that have been compromised in one way or another.  It is intended to highlight that no matter how big, skilled or trusted an organisation might be it seems that nobody is 100% safe on the web.  It only includes malicious activity and does not include accidental or careless mistakes.

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